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Luigi Appetito began his activities in Cori miller in 1977 at the local underlying the own home with his father Alexander and his wife, Laura , where he runs a small mill Alfa- Laval.

In 1977 and subsequently in 1982 born sons Alessandro and Marco, who after his studies alongside his father working full time in the family business .

In 2005 the activity is renewed with a new plant ALFA- LAVAL , a next-generation plant with a soft wash of olives , a crushing at low rpm discs in stainless steel and the kneading is done in modular tanks inerted with nitrogen available and with a system of temperature control and the plant has a milling capacity of 20 q / h .

The activity is also moved into more appropriate for the size and in relation to the considerable amount of work in the industrial area of the country Lepine Locations in San Angelo .

In 2006 the company also began the task of Appetite packaging of the oil in glass bottles of 250 and 500 cc capacity and cans from 5:03 lt.

In 2008 the mill was renovated with new equipment Alfa -Laval bringing the plant to a capacity of milling at 35 kg / h .

Also in 2008, the mill Appetite gets major recognition for winning the 1st prize of Lazio for the category " FRUITY INTENSE " Hercules Olivario in the competition organized by Unioncamere Lazio.
In addition, the Frantoio Appetite installed at their premises in a 20- kilowatt photovoltaic system which is able to meet its energy needs resulting in significant cost savings and environmental.




Appetito's Family

Frantoio Appetito - Contrada S. Angelo, 15 04010 Cori (LT)
Tel. 06.9678965 - - P.IVA 00273300590