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Cori has the remotest roots . The legend indicates the foundation alternately to the figures of Dardanus, Aeneas and Corace ( who gave her the name), but its pre-Roman origins also appear in a number of historical sources , the protagonist in the events of the times of the monarchy of Rome (VII and sixth centuries BC).
Cori early as the late sixth century B.C. reveals an urban structure , with walls and terraces in polygonal and important areas santuariali . From the time of the Latin War ( 496 BC ) to the final incorporation in the State Romano ( after the Social War 90-88 BC) Cori maintained a broad political and administrative autonomy as a city allied to Rome , so that prides itself Acronym SPQC .
During this long period, the city was enriched by those buildings and monuments ( the walls , the temples and the bridge of the chain) that attracted the attention of artists, writers and scholars since the Renaissance , the works that are still preserved today .
Fragmentary data concerning the late antiquity and the early Middle Ages , but the lack of information of the medieval period ( with the probable sacking of the city by the troops of Frederick Barbarossa in 1167 ) are offset by the architectural ( medieval quarters and the church Sant'Oliva ) that still characterize the town. In the medieval chronicles are always Cori allied with neighboring Velletri , so that we were defending each other from the attempts of interference of the Lords around them.

And well into the Renaissance Cori maintained considerable autonomy as a fief of the Senate of Rome , a condition from which he was freed in 1847. Numerous buildings , palaces and monuments of this period ( among which the extraordinary chapel of the Annunciation and the monastic complex of Sant'Oliva ) .
With the unification of Italy and the end of the Pontifical Stata , Cori was first annexed to the province of Rome and then to that of the lictor (1934) Latin America today .




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