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From the technical point of view-crop and pest management, regional bodies and associations of the olive producers have worked to develop over the years, actions miglioramente techniques of cultivation of olive trees and oil extraction, to allow a decided to increase the quantity and quality of the final product.

Thus, even for oil in our area, has started the process to obtain the Protected Designation of Origin.

It 'a challenge that has been placed Appetite Louis with his sons, Alexander and Mark, After over thirty years of experience as millers, the choice to devote himself to the production of a virgin typical of the area of Cori an area particularly suited to the cultivation of olive trees, symbol of light, wisdom and regeneration.

Products - available in bottles of 0.25 lt, 0.50 lt, 3 and 5 liters.


Frantoio Appetito - Contrada S. Angelo, 15 04010 Cori (LT)
Tel. 06.9678965 - - P.IVA 00273300590